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My name is Alex, however I am mostly known as Pompecukor in the RC communitiy.
I made this webpage with the intention to aggregate some of the information that you see here about my services.


Custom built long range UAVs


The easiest and most comfortable option for both unskilled and skilled pilots. This is the best option for you if you either are not experinced in this or have don't have the time and/or skill to go through the tideous, research, building and tuning process. I build, tune and ship fully setup long range airplanes. There are three major version based on application:

Aerial Mapping
Recreational FPV



DIY with Live Support

This is for people who cannot afford a ready built plane or have a lot of free time and would like to build one themselves. I help a lot of people all over the world achieve their goal with whatever long range build that they are after: Live chat (text, voice, even video when needed).
Please understand, it has to be a win-win to make sense. You will be saving hundreds of hours of reaserch time. This is a paid service too. I like to help and do so all the time on the RC forums. However as I do, I take away the time form other parts of my life.

Sourcing best parts
Detailed shopping list
Building and setup guides (videos)
Best practice coaching
Remote administration
Trouble shooting

I get back to you on any question within 24 hours


Custom Lithium Ion Packs

Base on your specifications (capacity, voltage, size), I make custom lithium-Ion battery packs. There a two major advantages of those packs over the more common LiPo ones used in the current remote controlled model industry/hobby:

Better capacity to weight ratio (~33%)
Longer usable life time (more recharge cycles)

Some background about me.

        I got into the RC world not really very long ago. 2008 to be precise. As I guess many people do, I started with a small toy and was hooked from then on for life. I flew exclusively LOS (line of sight) with no assistance at the beginning. FPV (first person view) was in its infancy and stabilizers were very sparse and very expensive.

Later came more reasonably priced FPV equipment with exciting features for the RC community. This has opened entire new horizons for me. FPV and long range flying has definitely become a passion for me, one could easily say I am now really hard core.

I have always been keen to push the limits. Always looking for the best devices both in build quality and feature list. Sharing and learning from fellow hobbyist and my own experience, I have developed my expertise and proficiency to a high level. I enjoy learning, experimenting with new ideas, working with others in the FPV community and building proven FPV systems. This is a very exciting time.

During the recent past I set very high records in the FPV RC community. For example in June 2016 I set the unofficial world record for long range flights with electric FPV plane. 132km out and back. In other words a total of 264km flight (<----click for video), which took 5 hours continuous flight to complete. I say unofficial, because not everyone likes to report their achievements. You can see the full narrated video of the highlighted test above or look in my gallery.

If you are interested in doing long range flight, I encourage you to take time to watch my youtube video to get some new ideas. Long Range FPV flying can be very exciting and very challenging. My commitment, knowledge and expertise with Long Range FPV flying is demonstrated in the video.

A short while before the above achievement. I also was in the top 4 in extreme altitude flying record. I went up to 23,000 feet high (<----click for video), the temperature was lower than -30 degrees C. This was a very challenging test for the equipment and required extensive planning and proved the reliability of the systems I have chosen.

As mentioned earlier, in my builds I try to use the best equipment that I have tested and personally proven to be functional and reliable yet still within an affordable price range. You can be certain that what I use for my go-to builds are tried and tested and meet my high standards.

My home is in Hungary, which is in Europe.


I am aways avaialable and happy to help. Please feel free to contact me.